25 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Romania !

  1. It makes no sense to visit Romania.
    The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

  2. It’s an ugly place with nothing amazing to see.
    Retezat mountainsRetezat National Park

  3. Landscapes are all grey and creepy.
    Transylvanian village

  4. With tiny hills.
    mountain landscape 
    Retezat Mountains

  5. Roads with no view at all.
    Transfagarasan road in Transylvania

  6. And boring valleys.
    Romania, The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus, near the Orsova
    The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus near the Orsova

  7. This spot is sooo blah.
    Balea lake in Fagaras Mountains

  8. Dracula’s castle is just a simple shack.
    The Bran Castle and Bran city
    The Bran Castle and Bran village in Transylvania

  9. Just villages here.
    city-center-bucharestBucharest, the capital of Romania

  10. If you blink, you might miss the architecture.
    Palace of Parliament
    Palace of Parliament (People’s House) in Bucharest

  11. No culture or sophistication whatsoever… crickets!
    George Enescu Music Festival

  12. Uh, how mediocre.
    Atheneum, Bucharest
    The Romanian Atheneum in Bucharest

  13. Outside the city just a wasteland.
    white pelicans
    Dalmatian Pelicans (Pelecanus crispus) in the Danube Delta

  14. Maybe you might find a muddy hole.
    lake romaniaOchiul Beului Lake in Cheile Nerei National Park

  15. Or just a tiny stream.
    Bigar Waterfall in Caras Severin

  16. Where is the remote?
    hiking 87
    Carpathian Mountains

  17. I should have stayed home and watched a movie!
    Carpathian mountains

  18. Beaches… just a sand box.
    Beautiful long sand beach in Costinesti, Romania
    Black sea

  19. I’ve seen greener plant life in my refrigerator.
    tunnel of love
    The Tunnel of Love

  20. So, why would anybody bother to come?
    Transalpina road and Urdele peak in Romania
    Transalpina road in Transylvania

  21. Just to be disappointed?
    Peles  Castle

  22. Just to be bored?
    Cluj Napoca
    Cluj Napoca, Transylvania

  23. Just to be disgusted?
    Traditional food

  24. Just to see the same bland thing?
    "Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself." Desiderius Erasmus
    Wooden church in Maramures

  25. Definitely, there is no reason to come to Romania!
    The Negoiu Peak. Fagaras Mountains, Romania
    Piatra Craiului MountainsDon’t click on the photos!

Source: Family Vacation


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