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Overview of Brasov and the Transylvania suroundings using a private car and driver in Romania

Brasov is regarded as the most interesting city in Romania. The city is located amidst immense natural beauty. It is encompassed on three sides by mountains. Brasov is the capital of Brasov County in Romania.

The city is located in central Romania. The Carpathian Mountains lies in close proximity to the Romanian city. The city has a historical and traditional flavor attached to it, which is evident in its various architectural and historical sites. Brasov is one of the leading tourist destinations in Romania.

Brasov, the city in Romania was actually established by some Teutonic knights, way back in the year 1211. The medieval ambience still lingers in many places in the city. The Romanian city of Brasov is rich both historically as well as culturally. There are many cultural events that take place in the city all round the year. Industrialization had begun in the city of Brasov from ancient times, but they rapidly grew and developed with time. Tourism is also an important factor that adds to the country’s revenue. Most of the people make Brasov their center point, while planning their trip around Romania. There are many tourist destinations in close proximity to the city of Brasov in Romania.

Forts, museums, archeological and historical sites are the main attractions in Brasov. The city is also home to several medieval citadels and cathedrals. There are many historical museums in the Romanian city, Brasov, which attract many tourists. The protective fortified walls outside Brasov are also major spots of tourist attraction.

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